Hotel Review: Bagni di Pisa, Italy!


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Louise Ryan is the Marketing Manager for Originally from the UK, Louise currently lives beachside in Sydney. If 'wanderlust' could be a middle name Louise would claim it. She has circumnavigated the world a few times. By the age of 25 Louise had lived in a village in Ghana, swum with sharks in the Maldives, road tripped the States twice, partied until the sun came up in Latvia and backpacked around Asia. She hasn't been everywhere but it's on her list. Louise is married to the man of her dreams whom she met on the back of a dusty bus in Namibia.
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One Response to Hotel Review: Bagni di Pisa, Italy!

  1. avatar Jei ing West says:

    We would like to go to Italy for holiday in bagni di pisa Italy

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